180 x 240 mm grain paper, felt-tip drawing on computer-colored background.

Poster Mère de Café

Coffee mother

A mother who cares for her coffee flowers as if they were her own children. Fusion between the two characters.

Poster Ethiopia

Ethiopia drawing

Miniature characters among handicrafts coffee pots called jebena. Inpired by the coffee ceremony called "jebena buna" in Ethiopia.

Poster Simplement

Simply coffee

Interior view of a coffee grower's habitat in a Sudano-Guinean climate. Simplicity and calm, peaceful mind.

Poster danse de la déesse

Dance of the Goddess

The Coffee Goddess dances among her coffee beans to protect the next harvest.


240 x 300 mm grain paper, felt-tip drawing

Poster Calme du Berger

Le calme du Berger

Drawing echoing the legend of Kaldi, the shepherd who discovered coffee in Abyssinia.

Poster Saveurs originelles

Original coffee taste

Long stories rely in each coffee cup.

Poster Entre ciel et mer

Sky and Sea at dawn

A man sitting in front of the sunset. Precious time after a long working day.

Poster Yemen

Ambiances Yéménites

Triptych with a zoom from an aerial view to an interior. Yemeni inspired. This draw refers to the coffee's East African origin.

Affiches au feutre des différentes strates d'arbres que l'on peut trouver dans une plantation de café traditionnelle.

Coffee forest

The different tree strata found in a traditional coffee plantation. Each species is useful because plants help each other.


200 x 200 mm grain paper, felt-tip drawing

Poster Vapeurs d'origines

Vapeurs d’Origines

Character seated in front of multiple cups. The steams released from the cups represent the continents from which the coffees are produced.

Poster Premières fleurs

First flowers

Coffee tree branch with leaves, beans and flowers. Few fruit trees produce fruit and flowers at the same time.

Poster Paysage

Coffee landscape

A mountain, a coffee branch and the last coffee harvest waiting along the path. Behind the calm, the harshness of the work is depicted.

Poster Enjoy

Short coffee time

A cup of coffee is consumed in few seconds while it takes one year to be produced.

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